SeeTheShow got its name out of circumstance and necessity. While attending numerous shows in my wheelchair I found myself staring at the backs of the crowd, and not seeing the show. I would notify whomever I thought might be able to help, and would say, "I am just trying to see the show." I knew these situations were not intentional, they were just not considered.


With repeated experiences, I developed the skills to educate people on what I call "Sensible Accessibility." Because of my disability, I became focused on the solutions to the challenges I faced. I had no expectations that the venue would know how to fix these issues because none of the folks I was talking to had a disability. They weren't staring at the back of the crowd.

With over 38 years and 496 shows worth of experience, SeeTheShow is the right company to help make your event accessible! No matter what type of challenges your venue may face, SeeTheShow can help by offering pragmatic ideas and solutions. 

At the age of 2, I was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, a disease which deteriorates strength over time.  I could only walk short distances while I was young and started using a wheelchair when I was 21. 


In 1979, 11 years before the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law, I attended my first show. Ever since, going to music festivals, concerts, and events of all types has become one of my passions.


With over 496 shows under my belt, I have experienced all kinds of situations in all kinds of venues. Over the years, venues I have visited liked my realistic and level-headed suggestions. They understood I was not simply complaining and pointing out infractions. I then realized there was much I could offer, not only for me but for the venue and other disabled patrons as well.


My knowledge of educating people on accessibility issues comes from a dynamic combination of credentials and experience. I am well versed in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) statute and have spent many years working with social service agencies, local and state governments and other organizations to apply practices that are appropriately and legally responsive to the law. I have a Bachelor of Science in Recreation Administration which I completed while living abroad in New Zealand for a year. 

My crew is competent, savvy, and capable of handling the curves that come their way at your events. I have a core crew that attends all my events. They provide services to the patrons and festival with tireless enthusiasm and relentless stamina. SeeTheShow crew understands the big picture needs of a festival to function safely and successfully.  


My extremely resourceful crew can pull from their years of experience working events to quickly adapt to a multitude of unexpected surprises. We all know that unexpected things come up, and when they do, SeeTheShow crew members are on the ball.


My crew interacts with patrons and staff in a positive and professional manner. They fully understand the patrons are there to have a good time, and ensure that with their enthusiastic and positive attitudes, regardless of the weather.

I worked for the National Park Service winning an award as an outstanding interpretive naturalist. I am certified by the International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO) as an Accessibility Inspector/Plans Examiner.

I also have an accredited certificate in Recording Engineering and Sound Reinforcement, which affords me an understanding of the site operations and production crews' challenges involved in putting on a show.


There is still a great need for the entertainment industry to recognize its disabled patrons. Let my in-depth experiential knowledge of accessibility at all types of events/performances be your guide to planning your future events. 

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Our goal is for your disabled patrons to not only get through the doors, but for them to have an enjoyable and memorable experience as well. SeeTheShow achieves this with an owner that has extensive experience as a disabled patron and a core crew that is professional, upbeat, and dedicated. 

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